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Neeten Manfred Hendrich

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I offer a variety of bodywork sessions:

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Bodywork (BCST Certified)   rebalancing sessions list

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage   rebalancing sessions list

Joint Release Bodywork   rebalancing sessions list

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  • Neeten Rebalancing Bodywork
  • Neeten Rebalancing Bodywork
  • Neeten Rebalancing Bodywork
  • Neeten Rebalancing Bodywork

Rebalancing Sessions

Rebalancing sessions are a method of deep relaxation, healing, balance and relaxation through the body. This method is a highly structured and scientific body-therapy, using deep-tissue massage and fascia manipulation, supporting us to come back into balance with ourself. Rebalancing is a simple way to reconnect with your body and its natural grace. Detailed info on each session ->

Biodynamic Craniosacral Bodywork (BCST Certified)

The craniosacral method is an approach to bodywork, which is based on the principle of the "Breath of Life". It came from osteopathy originally, and is a refinement of that work first by John Upledger, and then the Bio-dynamic method by Franklin Sills and others. The Breath of Life is a therapeutic force, which expresses itself as an ordering and balancing principle in a slow, constant and cyclic motion within the body. It is also called primary respiration. as an expression for the first inner breath as a manifestation of life itself. Neeten can perceive this primary respiration and use it as evaluation and treatment, to support you to feel more at ease and resourced in yourself.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

In the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage sessions we combine deep tissue massage with yoga stretching. The stretching respects the limit of every individual, supports the expansion of space in the body, the frame of the body seems stretched, extended and expanded.

Joint Release Bodywork Sessions

In the Joint Release Bodywork sessions a passive movement education through soft mobilizations of the joints and tissue is introduced. We support the body to feel more free in movement and to learn to let go of tensions in the joints. It also supports lymphatic flow, and the body can be experienced as softer and expanded. This is anchored in the nervous system to be recognized in your daily life.

Open Sessions

This is a time for you to discover what your body needs and to learn to resource yourself in your strength.

Massage in Boltenhagen

If you are looking for a massage session in Boltenhagen, please phone Neeten at 038825 23673 or use the email link below. People come to me for sessions from L├╝beck, Hamburg, Rostock, Schwerin, as well as Boltenhagen.

contact neeten

Write to Neeten now about booking a session: neeten [at] hotmail.com


Praxis Location

Here's how to reach me for a massage session, remember to phone 038825 23673 first for an appointment:
My Praxis on the campus of Gutshaus Stellshagen, 23948 Stellshagen. See the map below. For driving directions, click this link [directions map].

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