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Rebalancing Training Venue

Rebalancing Training Venue

What is Rebalancing?

Rebalancing is a highly structured and scientific body-therapy, using deep-tissue massage, supporting us to come back into balance with ourself.
In the late 1970's, this unique form of bodywork was created in the Buddhafield of the Osho Ashram in Pune, India.
Osho Rebalancing values the body as a gift of tremendous value, not as a mechanism to be fixed. It is an in-depth journey into the body-mind complex; from the Rebalancing perspective, the body is both a creation of what the mind believes and what the heart feels.

The Technique

Rebalancing works with a synthesis of many different massage techniques such as deep and soft tissue manipulation (also known as Rolfing), joint-release, breath, energy work, and body awareness.

See the official website for the Rebalancing Massage Training.

The Results

All painful events in our life, emotionally as well as physically, are stored in our body tissues and are kept in the unconscious. This creates so-called holding patterns in the body and in the psyche. Sooner or later these traumas manifest themselves as chronic tensions or pain.
In Rebalancing we free these tensions on a physical and emotional level, bringing back more aliveness, grounding and eventually relief of pain.

Rebalancing Training

For Whom?

Those who are looking for a complete foundation to begin a career as a Rebalancing Practitioner.
masseurs and therapists wishing to extend their skills and deepen their expertise.
those wishing to experience a transformational process of self discovery.
anybody wishing to discover the art of touch and meditation with others who share similar aims.

Training Topics include:

  1. The 10-Session System ' a systematic approach that works on the whole body, focussing on different areas (e.g. necks, shoulders, chest, back and lower back, legs, knees and feet, etc.)
  2. Connective Tissue Bodywork with a variety of techniques to:
    • Release chronic tensions
    • Balance the body in a soft and effective way
    • Work with acute and chronic pain
  3. Joint Release ' release tensions in the joints so that they are more fluid and flexible.
  4. Body Reading
    • Emotional anatomy (learning to read the stories we hold in our bodies) and Neo-Reichian body-types
    • Recognising restrictions and learning how to release these limitations
  5. Anatomy ' understanding and learning structural and functional anatomy
  6. Personal and Psychological aspects of the Training ' exploring methods that release emotions held in different areas of the body, and learning to work with trauma in a regulated way.
  7. Meditations
    • daily meditations
    • bringing more presence and depth into our life and work

Details of the Rebalancing Training here.

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